Behind the hair: Yinka Bokinni

Behind the hair: Yinka Bokinni

Welcome to our new monthly feature. Each month we'll meet amazing women from the world of fashion, music, business, art and so much more. We'll get to grips with their style loves, hair faux pas and get to know the woman behind the hair.

This month we meet Yinka Bokinni, fashion blogger and presenter on Rinse Fm. She takes us back to the the day's of Pink Moisturiser and Dax. 

I’m a presenter/ blogger. I work for Rinse fm and I blog at and it’s fashion for lack of a better word, but it’s mostly a lifestyle blog about feeling comfortable within yourself, whatever you wear. Showing people what I like and asking what people like, it deals with a lot of interaction and that’s about it.

When I was younger, my mum,  poor woman she used to put my hair in like one of those unicorn buns. My edges would stick out and my mum would just cut it to try and trim it into shape. I used to cry real tears. I don’t understand why she did that. I actually remember the first time I permed my hair, my mum took me to the hairdressers, it was the beginning of school term, I think I was going into year 7 and she sat me in the chair and was like I’m going  to the shop and I’ll be back. She explained to the woman that she wanted me to get my hair pressed. The woman then took it upon herself to perm my 11 year old head and then my mum came back in and looked at me and was like “why didn’t you say anything?” and I was like it burns. My mum went mad, proper mad like actually crazy.

I was left to my own devices from a young age, from like when I was 14. Cos when you’ve got 7 kids you can’t be looking at their hair, there’s more important things like making sure they are all diseased free.

I used to do weird stuff to my hair, you know when everyone used to gel the front of their hair. Well mine never used to gel like that but I used to try. I used to use Dax and Jamm, remember blue magic and pink moisturiser. That stuff is thick you know! I used to put Netto conditioner in my hair, 25p for some big litre bottle of apple conditioner.

I remember I had to shave half my hair, I permed my hair and left one side on too long. And you know when you’re washing it out and you expect that “yeah I look fly feeling”, nah mine was burnt and it had turned ginger cos it had stripped the colour off. It was awful. I had to shave it off and ended up with a some kind of Cassie hair do. Obviously I styled it out.  I gave myself a little shape up, I think I might have put some lines in their too.

One of my first hair inspirations was Kelis! I hate you so much right now. I thought I want my hair like that. It looked so free, like she didn’t do anything to it. Obviously it was orange. But that was just her hair. I loved like Alicia Keys when she first came out with the braids, she looked so sick being natural.

I try and do my own thing and listen to my hair as opposed to copying what somebody else is doing or try to emulate what somebody else is doing. So if I see something that I like, I’ll do like my hair’s version of it. I’m trying to learn what suits my hair has opposed to what suits others.
I get a lot of inspiration from looking at pictures of my dad and his family from when they were young. My dad’s from Nigeria and he’s generation were like pre perm. I take inspiration from accepting myself and then it shows.

My routine is to leave my hair alone as much as possible. Big Hair have this avocado butter or I think it’s almond butter. It’s a conditioner and a little bit goes a long way. it keeps your hair moist and soft.



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