1 style 5 steps: Pun It

1 style 5 steps: Pun It

Get into the latest hair trend innovation of the half bun half ponytail this SS16. 

Think a messy topknot meets a low pony and somewhere in between the two you’ll find the pun hybrid! Debuted on the catwalks across the fashion week shows last year, this breakout hair trend is a definite look to try this summer. 



 Although simple, there are many ways you can add some fun to your pun. At Bottega Veneta the pun was pulled in slightly higher, above the nape of the neck with a messy- relaxed loop, whereas the Balenciaga saw the pun styled sleek, low and casual. 

The Phillip Lim show had an added detail with the coloured pieces of net/ chiffon pinned around the crown of the head. Rag & Bone even had a side-swept look with baby hairs swooping to one side of the face and the tail of the pun swinging the same in the same direction. 

 Difficult to style? Not at all! 

We’re pretty sure we’re half doing this a lot of the time anyway (or as that high top knot drops throughout the day) but here’s our 5 steps on how to execute your pun:

Step 1 
Using a wide tooth comb, either slightly part hair in the middle at the front or use to comb hair backwards.  
Step 2 
Dab some light moisturiser to your hair before picking up a paddle brush and brushing hair through thoroughly. 
Step 3 
With a hairband tie hair to the desired location- either tightly behind the nape of the neck or let the hair hang and secure a ponytail lower down. 
Step 4 
Pull the hair through the hair band twice and on the third time stop half way through the tail so half is secured within the band and half is hanging out. 
Step 5 
For a messy, relaxed look pull at the bun to puff up. For a slick, neater look leave a pinch of the hair hanging low and the rest pulled through in a tight knot. 


Remember you can customize further by pinning lace/ net detail around the crown of your head or using ribbon to tie around the neck of the pun and spritz some sheen for a high shine finish.  Now get punning! 

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