Create classic braids in 5 easy steps

Create classic braids in 5 easy steps

The Simple Braid

Although hair braiding is not a new concept for many of us, the style has sure become a hot topic in 2016.

Different braiding styles including cornrows, not to be misnamed for “Boxer” braids, have been around for centuries!

From the “Braided Crown Pony” at the Herve Leger show, the classic canerow at Celine and the slick “Rope Braids” at Public School’s SS16 shows last September – designers everywhere were paying homage to the braid!

Not only is the “Simple” braid the hairstyle for this year; it’s a classic look, serving style whilst protecting your hair. With so many styles and so little time to try them all – this quick to do hairstyle has fast become one of our favorites to rock.

Here’s our 5 steps to how you can achieve your Simple Braids:

Step 1

Using a conditioning cream or hair butter apply to hair and moisture in small sections.


 Step 2

Comb the hair through to ensure hair is detangled and ready for plaiting!


 Step 3

Section hair, with a thin handles comb, into braid pattern to create the perfect lines for neat braids.


 Step 4

Whether adding loose bulk hair to thicken the braid or only using your natural hair start the braid of small and add more hair in smaller pieces, for the braid to thicken as it goes down.


Step 5

After completing and braiding the hair to your desired pattern, use serum or edge control to style the baby hairs to frame the face creating a fresh looking finish.


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