Festival Glitter Hair Afro Puffs - One Style Five Steps

Festival Glitter Hair Afro Puffs - One Style Five Steps

With glitter roots being one of the biggest emerging hair trends from 2015, we’ll show you how you can also recreate this look with your Afro’s for this festival season. 

We all know that festivals are low-key fashion parades where we flaunt our cutest summer looks, make-up and fun hairstyles.  

Without worrying about retouching throughout the day with this style, you can catch eyes whilst catching the beat to your favourite artists. 

Although glitter roots may look messy and tricky to apply, it’s actually fairly quick and easy to do! 

 Step 1 

With clean hair, separate your fro (or straightened hair) neatly down the middle into two sections.  

Step 2 

Using conditioning cream and a paddle brush, comb through your hair to separate any tangles and ensure hair is soft. 

Step 3 

Using hair bands, pull hair into sleek bunches and puff out or twist hair into two tight bantu knots – one on each side of the head. 

Step 4 

Place a ball of gel or edge control on the tips of your fingers and run down the middle of your parting, spreading out horizontally away from the parting. 

Step 5 

Pick up a small pot of glitter, any colour of your choice, and sprinkle across the middle parting of your head (whilst the gel is still wet) and spread evenly across roots.  


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