How to colour your braids this summer!  - 50 Shades of Braids

How to colour your braids this summer! - 50 Shades of Braids

With the growth of natural hairstyles back on the rise, natural hair enthusiasts are always trying to find new ways to remix and customise their looks. 

One of these natural hairstyles being braids and twists; protective hairstyles that you can do so much with!  

Style up in a big bun, or half up- half down, part canerow etc. the options for you to make your braids unique are almost endless. 

That being said… There is now a new hair trend set to change up the braiding game forever. 

Coloured box braids are on the rise! From candyfloss pink, to ivy green – the bulk hair packets literally come in every colour known to man! 

We’ve been spotting Erykah Badu, Tiny, to even your girl on the high street testing different hued braids and you can do it too. 

 Add a pop of colour to your braids, twits or canerows by either adding the colour to the roots of your braids for an ombre effect, or just by selecting a few singular braids to give highlights colour. If you really want to embrace the colour why not go for a full head? 

 Watch our freshly picked videos below to help your braids pop with colour throughout summer:

 1. Ombre braids with The London Curls

 2. Grey Ombre Twists - AskChan

3. Ombre Canerows - IncreeseMyPiece 

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