How to get the perfect Frohawk

How to get the perfect Frohawk

Make a statement with your hair this coming season by trying one of these Frohawk styles! 

As the final weeks of summer begin to wrap up and we’re thinking of our next new season looks, why not make it cutting edge 

The Frohawk is our answer to the Punks Mohawk and its as daring as it is stylish! Ironically, this fun statement hair do is also very protective for natural hair and doesn't require heat or straightened to create! 

 Whether your hair is dyed, has a shaved undercut or may not necessarily be “long” this is a look everyone can try!  

 Watch these videos below for ways for you can cut it up with your very Frohawk, including a no heat and no pins tutorial. 

 Peep below:

1) Natural Hair Frohawk with Samio

2) Frohawk on 4B with LaVidaRosa

3) Pony Hawk with TheChicNatural

4) Bun Hawk with TheChicNatural

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