How To Quick Wash Your Hair On The Go

How To Quick Wash Your Hair On The Go

No need to pencil out a whole day to wash your hair any longer as we have picked out our favourite 3 Quick-Wash videos from some of our favourite vloggers.


You can thank us later. Check them out here:

1) Pastaveia shows us how it's done in 7min 

2) Watch Naptural85 show us her 25 min technique 

3) Nia Knows gives us her step by step guide

Check out below, our product recommendations for your quick and simple wash day experience:

Sheabutter Cottage - Organic Coconut Oil

Big Hair - Coconut Cleanser Shampoo Bar

Crown Pride - Avocado Detangling Conditioner

Root 2 Tip - Triple M Moisture Milk



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