How To Slay Your Baby Hair

How To Slay Your Baby Hair

Lay your edges and create the sleekest styles with our How To on Baby Hair!

The fashion industry recently having a huge, albeit late, love affair with the Baby Hair trend has seen this hairstyle gem reverberated across the world!

We all know baby hair styles have been major since secondary school
whether slicked down in waves and diamantes stuck down or a more conservative look, smoothed down with edge control- there has always been techniques (and levels) to mastering your style!

Whether your hair is in braids, in a topknot, straightened, or let down, to help you slay your edges we have pulled some of the best techniques and styles for how to bridle your baby hair below.

Don’t forget that hot towel to dampen the edge control after a few days.

You’re welcome girl!

1. Lay your edges with no gel - MartikaLAOfficial


2. Baby Hair tutorial with straighteners - Filthy Rich Tresses

3. Baby hairstyling with box braids - MileeMilanii

4. Slay the way, FKA Inspired - Poco Cocoa

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