How To  Wrap Your Hair At Night

How To Wrap Your Hair At Night

There’s nothing worse than getting that fresh hair press and waking up to find your silky straight locks in a frizzy heap in the morning. 

Wrapping your hair to protect your style from tangling overnight, whether your hair has been naturally straightened or if you’ve just installed that new weave, is one of the oldest tricks in the book! 

Although we know the benefits of wrapping our hair overnight; stimulating hair growth, protecting our edges and keeping our hair soft etc. there is still many of us that are guilty of whacking a pair of tights on our head before bed. (Please put down the tights and pick up the silk or satin scarves ladies). 

There’s many different techniques that help keep your hair neat and are pro- growth. To help you protect your technique and find your wrapping style, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hair wrapping routine videos here. 

Check them out below:

1) Wrap and keep your natural hair straight for longer - SincerelyTkeyahB

 2) Night time wrapping routine - Charisse Christine

3) Wrap your natural hair - Alyssa Forever


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