The Polished Ponytail In 5 Easy Steps

The Polished Ponytail In 5 Easy Steps

We all love a classic ponytail. It’s a hairstyle that simply never gets old!

Whether your hair is natural or straightened- this is a staple hairdo that you can always rely on to look fresh. In this one style 5 steps, we’ll take you through a few small touches you can add to personalize your ponytail and why you should rock one for Summer ’16.  

The Balmain show saw super high, super slick, ready to whip and ready for combat.

Whilst at Dior we saw romantic, low pony's, styled over the models ears and tucked in at the nape of the neck, secured with ribbon.

Similarly at Oscar De La Renta models hair was parted in the middle and pulled neatly back behind the ears before being nipped into glossy pony's with velvet and lace ribbons.


Chanel had a different technique for the low pony – hair was completely swept back and fastening with an oversized clip before falling into a straight brush of hair.


If you're trying to find a whimsical look for that cute date or just in need of a simple, strong statement for the club tonight- the polished pony is your look. Want to know how? Follow these steps:


Step 1 - With either dry or damp hair, use a wide- toothed comb over your hair to free it of any knots and tangles.


Step 2 -  After combing, smooth some leave in conditioning cream through your strands before brushing hair up or down into your desired pony position.


Step 3 -  For style, part hair either dead in the middle or on the side approximately 2 inches with the handle of a fine-comb before pulling back and securing hair tightly into position with a hair band.


Step 4 -  Using a light moisturising cream, add small dabs across the temples of your head and nape of your neck, before brushing over with a smooth brush to create a glossy, polished look.


Step -  5 Either with a pony attachment or with your own natural hair, secure after the smooth brush and pull any additional strands in before fixing the ponytail by wrapping ribbon around the noose of the pony/attachment or by using a pinch of the tail to wrap around. 


You can also style without hair bands by fastening hair at the nape of the neck with a jumbo hair grip or Chinese style hair pins! Get creative!

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