The undercut braid  - One Style 5 Steps

The undercut braid  - One Style 5 Steps


The undercut was made famous in the late noughties from rock and roll model Alice Dellal, to glam RnB babe Cassie sporting the look. Even more recently the queen mother of daring hairstyles, Jada Pinkett Smith, rocked a shaved undercut on both sides of her head.  


A look we all admire but may not be willing to try or shave our precious hair for ?  

Don't worry, we've got you (and we don't blame you)… The braided undercut trend gives you that edge WITHOUT having to reach for the clippers  

Try this hairstyle for a night out and undo your braid when you’ve had enough of the rocker chic look. The braided undercut is the non-official  fun with no commitment hair trend. 

Some of our favourite badass female bosses from actress  Taraji P Henson to model Chanel iman and Nicole Scherzinger has rocked this look and now you can too! 

Follow our five steps below on how to execute your own undercut braid style. 

 Step 1 

Try to ensure hair is washed, clean and untangled before styling this look.  

 Step 2 

Depending on how you want to rock, blow dry hair (using hair moisturiser to smooth) until sleek and glossy. Or leave hair in its natural form, applying leave in conditioning cream so that hair is soft and shinning still !  

 Step 3 

When hair is dried, using a thing handle comb, part and leave out the section of hair you want to braid. You want to start at the baby hair of your left (or right) temple, growing in width till behind your ear and down to the nape of your neck.  

Make sure the parting follows the shape and natural structure of your face! 

 Step 4 

To keep the braid and parting sharp, tie up the remaining hair that you're leaving out up into a bun and comb through remaining hair before you begin braiding your undercut. 

Your braid is all about style! Either do a series of small Cameron's, a fishtail cornrow or one thick braid plaited back to the nape of your neck.  

You can even add hair rings into your braid for the extra edge to your look! 

Step 5 

After completing your undercut braid, let down and plump out the remainder of your hair.  

If you want a sleeker look, brush through and go over the remainder of your hair with a hot iron- again the styling on this part is completely up to you! 

You can also add some bendy rollers in before Step 4 so that hair has a loose wave after letting down!  

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