Wrap it up

Wrap it up

Head scarf styles for you to try this summer with our One Style 5 Steps! 


Headscarves and head ties are inherent in African cultures. The many different styles and fabrics you can use to create your head wrap is for the fashion, as much as it is a semblance of dignity to the intended culture, worn with pride. 

Head wraps are styled in different ways traditionally for different tribes, religions and occasions. This is similar for Arabic cultures, even down to Romani Gypsies, where women traditionally wear the “Diklo” headscarf after marriage. 

 In recent years we have seen the west take inspiration from the African fashion and head wraps with the colourful prints and patterns; from high-end editorial shoots in vogue to African American artists such as Alicia Keys rock a head wrap in her most recent album cover. With the growth of online black hair bloggers, as well as Muslim women sharing their head scarf styles, you’re not short of options! 

 With so many styles to try we’ve made a quick 5 steps to follow to help you create the simple Top Knot Turban with your scarves. 

Step 1 
Comb your hair back and brush down till it’s flat. If your hair is longer, use a night wrap routine (check out our How To blog post!) or pin down your hair with slides. 
Step 2 
Holding the fabric length ways, fold in half so that it is less in width (but enough to cover your head). 
Step 3 
Holding the fabric by length way in the middle, place this securely at the nape of your neck. 
Step 4 
Tightly bring the two ends of the fabric up towards the top of your head and combine together in one hand, making sure the rest of your head has been covered. 
Step 5 
Holding the fabric in your hands, slowly and securely twist (clockwise) the two ends together until they begin to knot. This should create one long fabric-lock, which you then wrap around until it creates a cute topknot style bun! 



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