Welcome to The Good Hair Club

This is not an exclusive club, there’s no guest list.

We’re a beauty company created for you.

We believe that your hair is amazing and so however you choose to wear it our motto is simple; good hair is healthy hair. We want to help you treat it with the love and respect it deserves. That’s why we work tirelessly to find the best haircare products that are natural, organic, ethically sourced and free from nasty chemicals.

We’re proudly British and support home grown brands, that lovingly craft and create hair care products that aren’t only good for hair, but are good for the world.

So join us in tearing up the rulebooks and redefining the hair care landscape. It’s time to celebrate everything it means to be a modern black woman.

About the founder

My name is Oyin Akiniyi and I’m the founder of The Good Hair Club. Over the last few years I have been increasingly frustrated and underwhelmed by the black hair care retail experience and so I’ve set out to change it.

I love black hair culture; I’m inspired, motivated and empowered by every aspect of it.

I want to celebrate hair culture by creating a platform that offers amazing products, takes the hassle out of purchasing hair care and celebrates how amazing we all are. No big deal.